How to Recreate Iconic 80s Hairstyles

We all know that the 1980s were an iconic decade of fashion and style. From the vibrant colors to the exaggerated shoulder pads, the 80s were a decade of daring and dramatic fashion choices that still resonate with us today. One of the most memorable fashion statements of the 1980s was hairstyle trends. With so many different hairstyles to choose from, we’ve put together a guide to help you recreate some of the most iconic 80s hairstyles.

The Best 80s Haircuts for Women

80s hair was all about big and bold looks. From Farrah Fawcett’s feathered locks to Madonna’s big and beautiful waves, the possibilities for creating a unique and stylish look were endless. The pixie cut was a popular choice for women, with short layers and a fringe framing the face. The shag cut also made an appearance, with short layers and wispy bangs. The classic bob was popularized in the 80s, usually featuring a side part and long layers. For those looking for something a little more daring, the mullet was also popular during this time.

The 80s was also a time for experimenting with color. Women could choose to add highlights or lowlights to their hair, or even go for a full-on rainbow look. Perms were also popular, allowing women to add body and texture to their hair. No matter what look you choose, the 80s was a time for having fun with your hair and expressing yourself through your style.

Tips for Achieving the Perfect 80s Blowout

The perfect 80s blowout starts with a good shampoo and conditioner to help create volume and bounce in the hair. Towel dry your hair and apply a volumizing mousse or spray before blow-drying. Use a round brush to help create volume and lift at the roots while you dry your hair. Once your hair is dry, use a comb to create a side part and then use a curling iron to create loose curls in the ends of your hair.

To finish off the look, use a hairspray to hold the curls in place. You can also use a teasing comb to add extra volume to the roots. Finally, use a shine serum to give your hair a glossy finish.

Essential Products for Styling 80s Hair

To achieve that iconic 80s look, you’ll need some essential products. A good hairspray will help keep your style in place throughout the day. Mousse is essential for helping create those big, voluminous hairstyles. Gel can be used to help smooth down flyaways or to add definition to your curls. And finally, a good quality heat protectant will help protect your hair from heat damage.

In addition to these products, you may also want to consider using a curling iron or a flat iron to help create the perfect 80s style. Make sure to use a heat protectant before using any heat styling tools to help protect your hair from damage. With the right products and tools, you can easily create the perfect 80s hairstyle.

How to Create Big, Voluminous Curls

If you’re looking to recreate some of those bigger 80s curls, you’ll need a few tools. First, make sure you have a good quality curling iron with a wide barrel. Spritz your hair with some hairspray to help hold the curls in place while you work with it. Start by taking small sections of your hair and wrapping them around the barrel of the curling iron. Hold for a few seconds before releasing and make sure you’re curling away from your face. Once you’re done curling, use your fingers to comb through the curls and break them up for a more natural look.

To finish off the look, you can add a bit of shine serum to your curls. This will help to give them a glossy, healthy look. You can also use a bit of hairspray to help keep the curls in place. Finally, you can use a brush to give your curls a more polished look.

How to Create a Perfect Side Part

Creating the perfect side part is an essential element of many 80s hairstyles. Start by using a tail comb to section off your hair on one side of your head, from your forehead all the way back. Comb through your hair before using your fingers to create a deep side part. Make sure you’re creating a straight line as you part your hair and use hairspray to help keep it in place.

Once you have your side part in place, you can style your hair as desired. For a classic 80s look, use a curling iron to create big, voluminous curls. You can also use a flat iron to create a sleek, straight look. Finish off your style with a generous amount of hairspray to help keep your look in place all day.

How to Get the Perfect Mullet Look

The mullet is a classic 80s style that can be both daring and dramatic. To get this look, start by cutting the sides and back of your hair short with layers. Keep the top of your hair longer than the sides, with long layers that can be easily styled. If you’re looking for something more modern, opt for shorter layers at the top and sides of your head for a more subtle look.

To finish off the look, use a styling product to add texture and volume to the top of your hair. You can also use a curling iron to create soft waves for a more natural look. Finally, don’t forget to use hairspray to keep your style in place all day long.

How to Style an 80s Wavy Bob

The wavy bob was a popular style in the 80s, giving you that perfect “bedhead” look without having to spend hours styling it. Start by towel drying your hair before applying a volumizing mousse or spray. Use a wide barrel curling iron to create loose waves throughout your hair before using your fingers to tousle it for that effortless look.

Tips for Achieving a Classic 80s Perm

The 80s perm was all about big and bouncy curls that could last for weeks. To achieve this look, start by visiting your stylist who can give you a professional perm. Make sure you use plenty of conditioner in between visits so that your curls stay smooth and shiny. Once you have your perm, use a diffuser to help enhance your curls or use some product for added texture.

Accessories to Add the Finishing Touches to Your Look

Finally, don’t forget about accessories! Headbands, barrettes, scarves, and hats were all popular during this time and can be used to add the perfect finishing touches to your look. Experiment with different colors and styles until you find a look that suits you best.

We hope this guide has helped you recreate some of these classic 80s hairstyles. With the right tools and products, you can easily create a look that will transport you back in time.